My interest is to help athletes work towards specific outcome goals, but to also help them identify or create helpful process goals and performance goals. Some examples might be outcome goals of a P.R. (personal record) at a half marathon, running a Boston Qualifying time, preparing for and completing a new ultramarathon distance, planning for and preparing for a fast-packing trip or unique self-supported challenge (ex. R2R2R or Soft Rock).
I work with my athletes on a weekly basis using the Training Peaks platform to create individualized training plans. I prefer to create training plans on a week by week basis so that we can adjust workouts when there is adaptation and progression. Training Peaks allows me to plot out training volume over months at a time with appropriate recovery periods leading up to a goal race or event. It's also helpful in allowing communication about specific workouts and rating the perceived effort.
My intent is to work with a limited (<20) number of clients at any given time. I want to be able to meet with my clients every other week to review progress. This may be done during a run together, by telephone, or video conferencing. I also hope to attend races in the region to cheer, crew, or pace when possible.
My passion is to teach and encourage Mental Strength Training as part of ultramarathon preparation. These skills are helpful with any distance race, but especially when faced with increased intensity, functional pain, or fears. Some of the fundamental goals are to learn to recognize and reframe negative intrusive thoughts, have coping strategies prepared, have well established motivations to endure, and a positive belief system that anchors ones' confidence.
Rate: $150 Per Month